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Scientific coordinator: Riccardo Brambilla ()
Period: 2003-06-01 - 2004-11-30
Molecular and Cellular Cognition is a rapidly moving field which is at the crossroads between basic neurobiology and clinical neuroscience. At the end of 2002 a new scientific organisation, the Molecular and Cellular Cognition Society (MCCS,, was established with the aim of ...
ESNI COURSE 2003 - European School of Neuroimmunology (EFNI); 4th Teaching Course - Barcelona
Scientific coordinator: Nils Erik Gilhus ()
Period: 2003-07-01 - 2004-04-30
NEUROPRION - Prevention, Control and Management of Prion Diseases
Scientific coordinator: Jean-Philippe Deslys ()
Period: 2003-09-01 - 2008-08-31
The BSE crisis and recent alerts related to food safety because of the possibility that BSE may be present in sheep or infectivity in muscle have underlined the necessity for a coordinated applied research effort on prion diseases at the European level to ensure protection of human and animal ...
POLFOOD - Research and innovation in food technologies - brokering European partnership and transfer of knowledge to Poland by series of practical workshops.
Scientific coordinator: Elzbieta Ksiazek ()
Period: 2003-09-15 - 2005-02-14
The aim of POLFOOD is to promote among the researchers and industry operating in the Polish and other ACC food sectors participation in the 6th Framework Programme, Priority 5 "Food quality and safety" research and development projects. ACC institutions active in a field of food industry are not ...
NEURON - Network of EUROpean funding on Neurological research
Scientific coordinator: Marlies Dorloechter ()
Period: 2003-10-01 - 2004-09-30
The consortium realising NEURON comprises the Fonds National de la Recherche (Luxembourg), Ministry of Scientific Research and Information Technology (Poland), Chief Scientist Office of the Ministry of Health (Israel) and Projekttraeger im DLR (Germany, co-ordinator). The SSA aims to prepare an ...
DBE - DBE - Digital Business Ecosystem
Scientific coordinator: Contact Person ()
Period: 2003-10-31 - 2007-01-31
The overall objective of the DBE is aimed at proving Europe with a recognized advantage in innovative software application development by its SME industry, launching a disruptive technology paradigm for the creation of a digital business ecosystems for SMEs and software providers thus improving ...
HIF PH INHIBITORS - Development of novel, selective inhibitors of HIF prolydroxylase
Scientific coordinator: Alana Davies ()
Period: 2003-11-01 - 2005-10-31
In all multi-cellular organisms, oxygen homeostasis represents a fundamental physiological challenge and requires the co-ordinated regulation of an array of genes. Under hypoxic conditions levels of hypoxia inducible factor, a transcription factor, rise and enable transcription of an array of genes ...
CJ-15,696 - Simple B-Lactams in the Synthesis of furopyridine Antibiotic: Total Synthesis of CJ-15,696 and Analogues
Scientific coordinator: Michele Sahrle ()
Period: 2003-11-01 - 2005-10-31
The emergence of bacterial resistance has significantly underscored the importance of the discovery of novel classes of antibiotics. The common occurrence of multiple-drug resistant microbes, particularly in hospital settings, is cause for serious clinical concerns. Additionally, the existence of ...
CAVEOLINS IN FAT CEL - Role of caveolae in the adipocyte's lipid droplet regulation
Scientific coordinator: Birgit Knepper-Nicolai ()
Period: 2003-11-01 - 2005-10-31
The storage of triacylglycerols so as to provide energy for the organism in case of food deprivation is a major function of adipocytes. In addition, the adipose tissue contains the largest body pool of free-cholesterol localized in the lipid droplet. Moreover, the adipose tissue constitutes the ...
GENE THERAPY PARKINS - Gene therapy for treatment of Parkinson's disease : functional and cellular evidence
Scientific coordinator: Anita Frank ()
Period: 2003-11-01 - 2005-10-31
Parkinson\'s disease is characterized by the progressive loss of the dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra pars compacta which results in functional changes in structures of the basal ganglia such as the subthalamic nucleus, the entopeduncular nucleus and the substantia nigra pars ...
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