INVITOPHARMA - Workshop on the need of in vitro toxicity tests within the pharmaceutical industru 

Specific Support Action (SSA)

A dialog between the stakeholders within the area of pharmaceutical toxicity testing is crucial to achieve a more general use of alternative toxicity tests. More efficient toxicity tests is also an important factor to make it possible for the European pharmaceutical industry to increase its competitiveness. The increasing amount of substances passing the drug development process need to be tested with efficient methods as early as possible in the process to new pharmaceuticals. That demands more robust and cost efficient methods, not always available today. A well planned workshop where representatives from manufacturers of toxicity tests, researchers developing new in-vitro pharmaceutical toxicity tests and the European pharmaceutical industry participate makes it possible for the stakeholders to discuss the supply and demand for in-vitro pharmaceutical toxicity tests, new and already existing. The workshop will also increase the business opportunities for the manufacturers of in-vitro pharmaceutical toxicity tests, often SMEs, as the participants will get plenty of time to sit down and discuss in smaller groups and person to person. The main objective of this project is - To identify the need within the pharmaceutical industry for in vitro toxicity tests, e.g. what kind of tests are required, which toxicity areas are of most concern for development of new in vitro toxicity tests, high throughput screening tests, tests monitoring the toxicological mechanism in detail etc. - To identify and present academic model systems suitable to use for the pharmaceutical industry. - To identify and present in -vitro toxicity tests manufactured by enterprises. - To analyse the correspondence between the available in vitro toxicity tests and the test strategies used in the pharmaceutical industry.

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