POC4LIFE - Multiparametric Quantum Dot Bioassay for Point of Care Diagnosis 

Time period:
2007-01-01 - 2009-12-31
Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP)

Proposal Abstract: Each year 377,000 new European citizens develop lung cancer and 340,000 die from it. Studies show that early diagnosis and accurate cancer typing could save number of lives. Laboratories nowadays have a wide panel of reproducible diagnostic tests at their disposal: these are mostly routine tests realised in centralized laboratories. The needs for early diagnosis, multiparametric analysis of results and quick monitoring of disease progression or therapeutic sensitivity were progressively left aside, whereas they could be fulfilled with using decentralised diagnostic tools, close to the patient. This project aims at improving the healthcare of patients by elaborating a unique POC diagnosis platform which will help specialists to deliver an earlier diagnosis and to decide for appropriate treatment. The goal is to provide the clinicians with multiparametric measurement of the main 4/5 essential markers and to support decision with a software tool. This will be a cost-effective breakthrough in the diagnosis market that can be applied to other associations of bio-markers. Among the possible applications of this new concept, the partners have chosen to work on the primary diagnosis of the histological types of lung cancer to help to give an improved initial diagnosis and to eliminate the 15-20 % problematic or late diagnosed cases. The study will pay special care to women (lung cancer death rates for women have been still increasing in Europe since the 1990s and marker patterns may be different). It will then have a huge impact on health by contributing to the fight against cancer and the development of gender dimension in research. For this purpose, the multidisciplinary project will involve academic researchers (from Germany, Spain and France) and SMEs (from Sweden and the UK) gathered by the French SME Cezanne which is the coordinator and initator of the project. The skills of the partners range from fundamental physics and chemistry to des

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