MYCO-REG - Global regulation in Mycobacterium: Role of Lsr2 

Time period:
2009-09-15 - 2011-09-14
Marie Curie Actions (MCA)

This proposal aims at understanding the role of Lsr2 in the global regulation of the mycobacterial cell wall homeostasis, a critical attribute of their virulence. Mycobacteria are Gram-positive bacteria that are involved in a number of human (tuberculosis, leprosy, Buruli ulcer) and animal diseases (Johne?s disease in ruminanst, fish tuberculosis in aquaculture), in both developing and developed countries. The lsr2 gene in conserved in all mycobacteria sequenced thus far and recent data indicates that the Lsr2 protein might be a global regulator. Its function will be studied through various methods that involve transcriptome analysis, molecular genetic experiments (qRT-PCR, use of reporter gene, gel-shift) as well as genomics. The success of the research proposal will be achieved through several national and international collaborations. This program will be realized on the Necker campus of the University Paris-Descartes, a multi-nationality centre that has a long tradition in hosting visiting scientist. The present MYCO-REG proposal, which does not include any sensitive ethical issues, will help in consolidating the pre existing links with the Bose Institute, one of the best institutes in Life Sciences in India, where the applicant has been trained. This proposal will help the hosting team in developing an innovative project by attracting a young talented researcher and thus will serve in promoting the transfer of knowledge in Europe.

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