ARGES - Age-dependent inflammatory responses after stroke 

Time period:
2006-06-01 - 2009-05-31
Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP)

Problem: Ageing is associated with alterations of gene activities modulating the inflammatory and immune response. Stroke is a common health problem in the European Community and the leading cause of severe long-term disability. Inflammatory reactions within the brain as well as a systemic immune response are assumed to influence the outcome after stroke. Hypothesis: The extent and the progression of the immune response after stroke is altered in elderly patients. The age-dependent inflammatory reaction is a major determinant of the outcome after stroke. Aims: The age-dependent inflammatory reaction in brain following stroke will be characterised by functional genomics and proteomics in the ARGES-project. Furthermore, systemic markers of the inflammatory response after stroke will be identified in circulating leukocytes, which will serve as clinical indicators for potential therapeutical interventions. In addition to the genome-wide approach, we will specifically analyse the functional impact of a pre-selected pathway, the sphingomyelin-ceramide-cycle, considered to be critically involved in stroke-induced destructive processes. Significance: The project will substantially contribute to our understanding of the age-dependence of the inflammatory reaction following stroke which has as yet not been sufficiently investigated. We expect that ARGES will deliver indicators for therapeutical interventions whose application may considerable improve the outcome after stroke. We thus will make a significant contribution to basic scientific knowledge, therapy and diagnostics of stroke.

United Kingdom
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